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2019 Head and Assistant Coach Registration


Classic Baseball Age Determination Date CHANGES!!

The age determination date for Classic Baseball has changed to 

May 1, 2020. 

Effective Fall 2020, the age determination date has changed to May 1st.  This is a change from the the previous August 31st date.  This will allow players with a summer birth date to play on a baseball team with their classmates. The age a player will be on May 1, 2020 is the Level of Play they will register for.  All players will still be allowed to play one level of play "up". 

Coach and Roster Information

Welcome to the 2019 Coaches Registration with Millard United Sports.

This registration session will allow you to provide coach, team and initial  team roster information. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.   You will be able to include Assistant Coach or other contact for the team on this registration.  You can choose to have that person receive emails from Millard United Sports when we send them to you through our website.  NGIN will request confirmation from that person via email. 

Please remember, for our Classic Baseball, In-House Softball, and Football programs, if a player from your roster the previous year requests you as a coach, they will be placed on your roster before any new players are added. 

If you would like to add or drop players from this initial roster that you are submitting, please contact Eliza Ingebretson at to edit baseball and softball rosters or Lisa Larson at to edit football rosters.

Thank you for volunteering to coach a team for Millard United Sports!  We can't be the Place to Play without you!



During the Head Coach Registration, you'll be asked for a team name request. Please choose several team names from the following list of Summer Collegiate teams.  

In House Softball Team Names (Spring and Fall Sessions)

Coaches are able to request their team name and jersey color.   We suggest that new teams or coaches list several options for both name and jersey color, and we will do our best to accommodate them.  Returning teams will be able to retain their name and jersey color in most circumstances.

Flag and NFL Flag Football Details

We use NFL names for our Flag and NFL Flag teams.  Teams from 2018 will receive priority over their name for 2019.  Please list several options and we will do our best to accommodate them.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility!

Roster Due Dates for Each Sport and Season

Sport Season Due Date Player Registration Deadline
Competitive Baseball 2019 8/1/18 8/1/18
Competitive Softball 2019 8/1/18 8/1/18
Baseball 2019 Spring Classic 2/1/19 2/15/19 for returning players, 3/1/19 for all others
Softball 2019 Spring In House 2/1/19 2/15/19 for returning players, 3/1/19 for all other
Tackle Football 2019 Fall 4/1/19 5/1/19 for returning players, 6/1 for new
Flag Football (includes NFL Flag) 2019 Fall 5/24/19 6/15/19 for returning players, 7/1 for all others
Baseball 2019 Fall 7/1/19 7/15/19 for returning players, 8/1/19 for all others
Softball 2019 Fall 7/1/19 7/15/19 for returning players, 8/1/19 for all others

For questions, please contact:

Eliza Ingebretson

Sr. Manager