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2018 - Practice Rental Credits


Practice Rental Credits

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Practice Rental Credits (PRC) for your MUS In-House Softball, MUS Classic Baseball or MUS Football team.

Your players coach may have asked you to assist in providing PRC's to the team, which will enable them to schedule indoor practices at any Millard United Sports Indoor Facility (Championship Center, formerly Next Level or Field House, formerly The Barn).

Please note, participation in purchasing PRC's is voluntary and not a requirement for participation on your MUS team.

Each PRC is $5.50 and will be assigned to the team you select.

PRC's are for TEAM use only.  
For individual use of MUS' Indoor facilities we offer individual Memberships.


Please direct questions to:

Makayla Biegler

Building Supervisor

Phone: 402.894.1331 x 42

On the Next Page, Please Select the Player for the Team You Are Purchasing PRCs For